2011 has evolved over the years.  It has taken some time and a bit of effort to update our website and, in particular, our genealogical database.  But we have made a big push lately.

Over this time our site has been hacked and abused.  This necessitated drastic action and resulted in the site being locked down.  Because of the genealogical data, I have upgraded the software I use to ensure this private information cannot be broken.  The hackers appear more interested in misusing this site’s email functions than actually gleaning information.  Fortunately. But I could not risk breaches.  Hopefully the latest code running our back-end system are sufficiently robust to fend off hackers. 

If you’re interested in accessing the genealogical database please email cthornborough at gmail (that’s  You will need to explain your interest and your family connection.  I will not grant access to anyone who is not connected to our family.


Welcome to my place.

My name is Chris Thornborough and this is my family site.  You’ll find stuff about my immediate family but also a large amount of genealogical research into my family history.

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